Brewery re-releases ’06 beer


Founders Brewing Co. first released its Black Rye beer in 2006, keeping the brew on tap for less than a year. Photo via

A taproom favorite from nearly a decade ago is making its return to a brewery’s lineup.

Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids said yesterday that its Black Rye, first brewed in 2006, will return as a seasonal release from January 2015 until March.

The 7.5% ABV beer is made with large amounts of rye mat and dry hopped with German and American hops.

Originally on tap for less than a year, Founders said the beer doesn’t fit into a category and developed many fans.

Black Rye will be available in 12-oz. four packs for $10.99 and on draft.

A "new" beer

“Because of how quickly the craft beer enthusiast community has grown, most people drinking craft beer and even Founders beer today have never tried Black Rye,” said Dave Engbers, co-founder and vice president of brand and education, Founders Brewing Co. “Officially, this beer is a re-introduction. But for most, it’s a new Founders beer.”

Black Rye is “one of those beers that we kept coming back to in our conversations about new releases,” said Jeremy Kosmicki, brewmaster, Founders Brewing Co. 

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