Brewery releases limited-edition ale


Courtesy Harmony Brewing Co.

A local brewery is releasing its first wood-aged sour beer.

Harmony Brewing Co. said last week that it will release Red Wattle, a Flanders-style red ale in bottles and on draft this Thursday at 11 a.m. at both Harmony Brewing in Grand Rapids, at 1551 Lake Dr. SE, and Harmony Hall in Grand Rapids, at 401 Stocking Ave. NW.

Less than 100 bottles of the limited-edition Red Wattle were packaged for sale.

Red Wattle is the first in a series of four wood-aged sour beers set to be released monthly by Harmony Brewing this summer: a dry-hopped farmhouse ale, Babirusa; a sour golden ale, Tamworth; and a dark farmhouse ale, Old Spot.

The first release, Red Wattle, was aged in multiple types of oak barrels, which each had separate souring agents at work.

The resulting beer has a variety of flavors, and the barrels were blended “to create the perfect flavor profile.”

“Red Wattle pours a deep maroon red, with lively carbonation and a light-white head,” Harmony Brewing said. “The aroma is of petrichor, tart fruit and black cherries. The flavor is tartly sour, but well-rounded with notes of vanilla, dark fruit and oak. It finishes dry, with a clean, oaky tannin.”

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