Buses add free entertainment


There will be two opportunities to provide feedback for The Rapids' Mobility For All planning process. Photo via fb.com

Riders on The Rapid have a new entertainment option.

In a partnership between The Rapid and the Kent District Library, passengers can get an unlimited number of free books that are on the racks of 13 buses that travel various routes, including the Silver Line, any time of the day through its Books on the Bus program.

“Our goal is to put books in the hands of users of all ages,” said Sara Proano, community engagement manager at KDL. “This project is part of our KDL free libraries where we partner with individuals and organizations to start and maintain community spots where we place books.”

The racks on The Rapid, which is traveled by an average of 35,993 passengers per weekday through 2018, is restocked three times a week with 60 to 80 books each time by either a librarian or a volunteer from the Forest Hills Transition Center, according to Proano.

She said the books were weeded out of the library’s collection or donated for the Books on the Bus program. The books include different genres and topics that are available for people of all ages.

“We love supporting organizations in our community and this program was a no-brainer for us,” said Brittany Schlacter, public outreach coordinator of digital media for The Rapid. “This is a wonderful opportunity to connect our riders to more reading. Adding books to buses allows for an even more enjoyable and relaxing bus ride.”

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