Businesswoman earns honor for nonprofit support


Ashima Saigal, founder of Database Sherpa in Grand Rapids, has been named as a Foundation "Power of Us HUB Community Hero” for her support of the platform. Courtesy Database Sherpa

A Grand Rapids business owner is being recognized for the support services she provides to nonprofits that are using the Salesforce cloud computing and customer relations platform to manage their data.

Ashima Saigal, founder of Database Sherpa in Grand Rapids, has been named as a Foundation "Power of Us HUB Community Hero” for her support of the platform.

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of, which provides customer relations management in the age of cloud computing. Customers use the Salesforce platform to manage data effectively.

Saigal founded Database Sherpa in 2012 to help organizations “find peace with their data.”

She developed a “Sherpa approach” to guide organizations to use their own skills and knowledge to develop their databases using the Salesforce platform.

Rather than using an outside consultant to build a database, Database Sherpa partners with nonprofits to help them explore and create the database management tools they need using the Salesforce platform.

“Investing in your own energy leads to big rewards,” reads the Database Sherpa website.

Those rewards include, “a completed Salesforce database that meets your organization where it is today and is ready for where it may go in the future, staff members who are empowered and equipped to maintain the database and a wealth of in-house knowledge.” created the Foundation as a way to leverage its people, technology and resources to help improve communities around the world.

Part of the Foundation’s support includes the Power of Us Hub, which serves as “a central place to ask questions, access nonprofit and higher ed relevant resources and connect with like-minded users” of the Salesforce platform.

The Hub was launched one year ago and as part of its anniversary the Foundation is recognizing its “top 30 members that have been instrumental in supporting the growing community of nonprofit and higher education Salesforce users.”

Saigal is a top contributor in the Power of Us HUB, where she has answered hundreds of questions over the last year.

When she isn’t providing guidance to nonprofits, she is co-leading the Michigan Salesforce Nonprofit User Group and helping to organize Salesforce certification study groups in the HUB.

In fact, Saigal and her Girlforce collaborators helped to drive forward the very first Salesforce certification study group in the HUB earlier this year.

As part of the recognition, the Foundation will donate $250 to a nonprofit of Saigal’s choosing.

Database Sherpa is not just a business for Saigal — it’s a community of people who are open-minded and eager-hearted when it comes to using technology to shape organizations.

Saigal’s said her consulting approach is grounded in her yoga and meditation practice and her compassion for people.

Saigal is proactive and thought-provoking, encouraging dialogue whenever possible, according to the Foundation.

“To participate is to be a part of a larger community of open-minded and eager-hearted individuals,” Saigal said. “I learn much from this community and feel called to help others. When I take on a question, I hope that I can embed this information in my brain. When I share some information, I hope it gets a good dialogue going that goes deeper.”

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