Cascade Township tees up $35M development


The former Centennial Country Club in Cascade Township is the site of Meadowood Development Corp.'s $35-million residential development, Centennial Park. Photo via

Seeing that it’s not a golf course anymore, it has to become something.

That is how Cascade Township planning commissioners apparently felt when they unanimously and recently approved Meadowood Development Corp.’s $35 million proposal to transform the former Centennial Country Club into a residential site with up to 250 new apartments and single-family homes.

At the same time, the proposed development would leave about a third of the golf course’s 85 acres as green space for residents and neighbors to enjoy. The development, which would begin with 120 rental units in 10 new buildings, also proposes to have a swimming pool, a fitness room and a clubhouse.

The country club closed last summer after operating for 26 years. The course is located on Cascade Road SE just northwest of the township park.

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Chris Beckering, a spokesman for Meadowood Development, said he was very pleased with the decision, one that overcame and settled some objections to the proposal that were voiced by nearby residents.

“I think the planning commission recognized that there were a lot of compromises made and we worked hard to get to a good plan that works well for the community, works well for the township, and works well for us as the developer,” said Beckering, also director of development for Pioneer Construction.

Meadowood Development has one more hurdle to clear to go from being a proposal to a project. The Cascade Township Board is set to hold a public hearing on the development on July 24 and trustees are expected to decide whether it can go forward after the hearing.

Beckering told the Business Journal that the development crew has a good feeling township trustees will give them a thumbs-up, especially after what planning commissioner and board trustee Jack Lewis said.

“He told us at the last planning commission meeting that he intends to support it at the board level. His comment was no one is 100 percent happy, but we worked hard to get to a plan that works reasonably well for everybody involved. And I’m glad to have his support. I think the board is aware of the amount of time, energy and investment that has gone into getting us to where we are today,” said Beckering.

“And I hope that they’ll recognize what the overwhelming majority of the neighbors and the planning commission have recognized, which is it’s not a golf course anymore and it’s got to be something. And that what has been proposed is a reasonable and responsible plan that maintains a park-like setting and will be a nice tax base for the township, as well.”

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