CEO launches health care foundation for veterans


Alliant Healthcare Products in Grand Rapids is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that focuses on hiring veterans. Courtesy Alliant Healthcare Products

The president and CEO of a medical device distributor has launched a new foundation with the mission of helping to improve medical and mental health care for veterans.

Medical technology for vets

Patriot Promise Foundation, founded by Bob Taylor of Grand Rapids-based Alliant Healthcare Products, said this month that its mission is to raise funds to help identify gaps in veteran health care and fund "the research, development, procurement and delivery of innovative medical technology and mental health care to the veteran community."

For example, the foundation says on its website that barriers in working with the federal government can sometimes prevent manufacturers from presenting new technology to Veterans Affairs, or VA, and military hospitals, which creates those gaps in care.

Patriot Promise Foundation will identify health care technology that's available commercially, but not available to veteran health care providers.

Donations made to the Patriot Promise Foundation will be used exclusively to raise money to research, identify, support and deliver proactive and technologically advanced health care treatments for veterans, with a key focus on post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.


Patriot Promise is planning on concerts, fundraisers, nationwide advertising campaigns, social media blitzes and merchandise sales for funding and "the viability of the foundation."

The foundation said it will use funds created by donations and fundraising to ensure that "every veteran is guaranteed the absolute best health care available."

Working with VA on gaps

Taylor said veterans are expected to navigate a “very complex health care system” and, as a result, need all the help they can get.

“The procurement process in the Veterans (Health) Administration is extremely complicated as well,” Taylor said. “As a country, we need to get beyond simply pointing fingers at the VA and work with them to do what it takes to find and fix any gaps in health care, whether it's the availability of the latest technology or proactively treating post-traumatic stress for vets."

The foundation will work with the VA to identify areas where assistance could be best used, and it will work with private organizations and individuals to improve awareness and help find solutions wherever those gaps exist, according to its website. 

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