Chef opens poke-bowl restaurant

Chef opens poke-bowl restaurant

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An “upscale” fast-casual restaurant serving poke bowls has opened in the area.

Owner, chef and general manager John Chang soft-opened Poke Toki in Plainfield Township, at 5150 Northland Dr. NE, on Nov. 19.

Danny Nguyen is also a chef at the restaurant.

Chang — who is director of operations at Ju Sushi & Lounge, where he met Nguyen — said the eatery will continue to operate in soft-open mode until an undetermined grand-opening date, likely within the next month.

The restaurant serves a fusion of Hawaiian, Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Poke bowls — pronounced “po-kay,” meaning “fresh-cut” — are a Hawaiian staple featuring “raw, diced, marinated fish traditionally tossed with rice, vegetables and sauces,” Chang said.

“It’s a Hawaiian restaurant based on Japanese food products combined with Korean flavor,” he said.

Diners can create a build-your-own bowl for $13 (regular) or $16 (large), or they can order bowls from the Taste of Hawaii, Taste of Japan and Taste of Korea menu categories, which incorporate foods such as sushi and bibimbap.

Poke Toki also sells vegetarian bowls, sides and desserts, as well as soft drinks, bottled drinks and tea.

The restaurant, which offers catering and takeout, is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

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