Coffee company expanding into downtown Detroit


The Madcap shop on Fulton Street in Grand Rapids is attached to the company's roasting facility. Courtesy Madcap

A Grand Rapids coffee company is brewing up plans for a shop on the state’s east side.

Madcap Coffee Company said today it will open a new coffee shop in downtown Detroit.

The new location will be designed with the Detroit environment in mind, accommodating the “fast-paced nature” of the city’s growing downtown core.

The target opening date for Madcap Detroit is mid-December this year.

Madcap will announce the shop’s address in the near future.

“The energy of Detroit is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been,” said Ryan Knapp, co-owner, Madcap Coffee Company. “I’m always eager to visit and sad to leave. We couldn’t be more excited to be sharing coffee with new friends in this great city.”

The coffee shop will be just under 1,000 square feet and have a 400-square-foot patio.

The menu will be similar to the menus at Madcap’s locations in Grand Rapids, and the shop will employ 10 to 15 workers.

Madcap tested the Detroit market last year at the Detroit Holiday Market and said it found a welcoming environment in the downtown area for a new coffee shop.

“Looking to Detroit, we feel privileged to grow in a city that has already been so good to us,” said Ryan Wojton, retail operations manager, Madcap Coffee Company.

The expansion represents Madcap’s first foray into territory beyond Grand Rapids.

The company operates three retail locations and a roastery in Grand Rapids.

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