Coffee roaster opens urban café


The Madcap shop on Fulton Street in Grand Rapids is attached to the company's roasting facility. Courtesy Madcap

A Grand Rapids coffee roaster has opened its third location in town.

Madcap Coffee Company said yesterday it opened a new café that's attached to its roasting facility, at 1041 Fulton St. E.

Madcap has planned a café at the roasting facility since late 2015.

The 1,400-square-foot interior features bar seating and is accompanied by a patio with seating for nearly 30 customers.

In addition to various coffees, the café sells sparkling cascara and made-to-order waffles.

The grand opening will be this Friday, with free coffee tasting, signature drinks on tap and a free Madcap tasting glass for the first 50 customers each day of the weekend.

The new café seeks to highlight a building that was built in the 1930s and previously an auto repair shop.

“We hope to provide the community with a fresh coffee experience, by building off of our original location and maintaining our core values of quality coffee, service and creative thinking,” said Trevor Corlett, CEO, Madcap Coffee Company.

Madcap has hired 11 new employees, with some heading to the company's other sites, so experienced workers can work at all locations.

Madcap, which opened in 2008, also operates a café in the heart of downtown and at the Downtown Market.

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