Coffee roaster releases Colombian ‘micro-region’ set


Madcap testers taste coffee during a quality control session. Photo via

A local coffee roaster is releasing a special set of coffees for the holidays.

Eight-coffee set

Madcap in Grand Rapids will release its latest Varietal Series this month. Madcap has released a Varietal Series the past five years, allowing customers to try eight coffees form the same farm.

This year, Madcap will include eight coffees from eight producers in “distinct micro-regions” of Colombia.

“Colombia is easily one of our favorite coffee-growing countries,” said Ryan Knapp, co-founder, Madcap. “I've been traveling there over the past five years and actually been there three times over the past nine months. The more we explore Colombia and taste coffees, we are amazed at the diversity we've seen across the country and realize how few people get to experience and really digest these differences.”

Each coffee set will come with a booklet to learn about the individual producers and why the coffees differ.

“It's certainly worth pointing out that these aren't eight random samples that we've picked, but are eight outstanding coffees that we've chosen as the result of cupping thousands of Colombian coffees,” Knapp said. “We've selected these coffees as we believe they highlight exemplary examples of the top quality from the different micro-regions, produced by top-tier professionals.”


The set can be bought at Madcap’s website and beginning Dec. 15, at the shop. Each set contains eight 45-gram tins of coffee.

The cost for a set is $55.

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