College launches digital platform for student-athletes


A glimpse inside the GV360 web platform for student-athletes. Courtesy GVSU

A college is implementing a digital platform designed to improve student-athlete success both on and off the field.

Morristown, N.J.-based Evolution Labs, a maker of software for student and school engagement, said last week that Grand Valley State University has launched Evolution Labs' SA360 platform, designed for intercollegiate athletics.

Student-athlete platform

Evolution Labs’ SA360 web- and mobile-based platform is designed to provide engaging educational resources on a variety of topics to support student-athletes academically, athletically and personally.

Keri Becker, associate athletic director at GVSU, said as a Division II NCAA school, the university values both academics and athletics.

“Grand Valley State University is committed to giving student-athletes the tools and resources they need to navigate the challenges they face on the field, in the classroom and beyond,” Becker said. “To do this, the university felt it needed more than another orientation course or guest speaker series.

“We needed a way to establish and maintain an ongoing conversation with students. SA360 enables us to provide them with a personal toolkit to help them survive and thrive throughout their college experience.”

GVSU’s SA360 platform, known as GV360, uses pulse surveys, social media, learning-immersion modules, videos and app-based features to cover a variety of topics: health and wellness, study skills, leadership, NCAA compliance reminders, sportsmanship, career exploration and others.

The platform also provides the athletic department, advisors and coaches a platform that can help them be more responsive and supportive throughout the year.

Peter Kraft, co-founder at Evolution Labs, said the company believes the platform offers a fit for an institution recognizing today’s student-athlete is bombarded by a diverse set of media, adding that the platform's format, timing and relevance are "critical" components.


Evolution Labs makes software for higher education institutions, intercollegiate athletics and K-12 schools to address student success, retention and school engagement.

The company provides several software platforms: H360, M360 and P360, designed for middle and high school students and their parents; S360 Engagement Suite, intended to help schools recruit, enroll, retain and engage students; and SA360.

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