College remodels on-campus apartment complex


FSU's West Campus Apartments complex is one of several on-campus housing options in Big Rapids. Courtesy FSU

A college in the region has approved the remodeling of an on-campus apartment complex, which is also being expanded by two buildings.

Ferris State University's Board of Trustees approved last week funding to remodel the West Campus Apartments at its main campus in Big Rapids.

For most apartments, the project will include new appliances, countertops, faucets, flooring, exterior doors, frames and other repairs.

The renovations will complement an expansion project at the complex, approved last October by the board, which will add two buildings and 60 beds using four-bedroom floor plans.

The expansion project should be completed in August.

“The university understands that quality housing options are important to students,” said Jerry Scoby, VP of Administration and Finance, FSU. “The university has recognized how important it was that we maintain our existing facilities. The board’s action allows us to improve our on-campus apartments to continue to meet the expectations of our student residents.”

The renovation and expansion projects are in line with the university’s master plan to put an emphasis on improving on-campus housing over the course of the next several years, as the last traditional residence halls were built in the 1960s.

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