College reports post-graduation career outcomes


The Greenleaf Trust Trading Room at WMU's Haworth College of Business brings students closer to the finance industry. Courtesy WMU

A college in the region is reporting the initial career outcomes for its recent graduates.

Western Michigan University released last week its "Post-Graduation Activity Report" on 2015-16 alumni and their standing within three months of commencement. The report is based on data compiled by WMU employment services.


The data represent responses from 3,766 of the 5,049 students who earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at WMU in 2015-16 — a 75-percent response rate.

Ewa Urban, associate director for assessment in WMU’s Career and Student Employment Services department, led the team that devised the survey and compiled the data.

“Overall, 72 percent of our data in this report was obtained through an online questionnaire, and 28 percent was gathered through LinkedIn or information shared by department chairs, faculty and staff,” Urban said.


Of those who responded to the survey, 71 percent were employed full-time within three months of graduation, 14 percent were in graduate school or continuing education, 6 percent were employed part-time and 1 percent were serving in the military or volunteering full-time.

For those employed, 84 percent were employed in jobs related to their academic disciplines, 88 percent were satisfied with their jobs and 76 percent were employed in Michigan.

The median salary range for all respondents was in the $40,000 to $45,000 range.

Other stats

  • WMU grads found employment in 44 other states, but the majority — 76 percent — stayed in Michigan
  • About 80 percent of WMU grads completed an internship or other experiential opportunity while in school
  • Forty-four percent of alumni were employed after graduation by a pre-graduation employer
  • Those continuing their education were enrolled at WMU and at 128 other graduate schools around the world, ranging from Harvard and the Boston Conservancy to University College Condone and the University of Australia Melbourne


The report also lists the top employers of WMU alumni with a bachelor’s degree, as well as the top employers of those who have earned a graduate degree. Also listed are the top employers with which students held internships or some other type of experiential education.

WMU's "Post-Graduation Activity Report" report is available online.

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