Commercial real estate pro launches firm


Bradley Hartwell. Courtesy North Town Real Estate

A new commercial real estate firm has opened in Grand Rapids.

North Town Real Estate said last week it launched and opened an office in the Creston neighborhood, at 1307 Plainfield Ave. NE.

The firm was founded by real estate professional Bradley Hartwell and is focused on investment brokering and development consulting.

“Commercial real estate development is a very specialized and nebulous industry,” Hartwell said. “We work with owners, investors and existing development groups to assist with deal structure underwriting, securing of development incentives, financing and strategy implementation.”

North Town Real Estate is working on multiple projects, including clients such as a mixed-use developer in Ludington and an organization building an industrial facility in Rockford. The firm also represents multiple office tenants in Grand Rapids.

“We are motivated by strong relationships and our fiduciary responsibility rather than one-off transactions,” Hartwell said. “We put ourselves in the owner’s shoes and that guides the process.”

North Town Real Estate has two developments that inspired Hartwell to launch the firm in the Creston neighborhood, including 1307/1309 Plainfield Ave. NE, which includes the firm’s office and Central District Cyclery, and 1224 Plainfield Ave. NE, which includes two apartments and first-floor office space, with a tenant pending.

Prior to launching the firm, Hartwell helped launch Grand Rapids-based Vision Real Estate Investment in 2016 and helped the firm acquire 99 Monroe, among other buildings. He has also worked at Grand Rapids-based Rockford Construction as a development associate and associate broker.

He is a graduate of the real estate development and finance program at Central Michigan University.  

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