Company removes Chinese-made furniture from courthouse


The Ionia County Courthouse. Photo via

A company has removed Chinese-made office furniture it delivered to a courthouse in the region after a six-month legal battle with officials who wanted American-made products.

The Daily News in Greenville reports that Custom Office Systems removed the unwanted desks — many of them faulty — on Monday from the Ionia County Courthouse.

The Ionia-based company delivered the desks earlier this year in boxes clearly marked "Made in China," along with some American-made furniture.

County commissioners went with Custom's $41,862 bid in April over a rival's $33,739 offer, based on the promise that the furniture would be made in the U.S.

Commissioners demanded the Chinese-made furniture be replaced with American-made products.

In June, they voted to end Custom's contract and accepted the rival's bid.

Custom apologized and blamed the mistake on an oversight with its U.S.-based supplier.

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