Cooley faculty and students get involved


The faculty and students at Thomas M. Cooley Law School gave nearly 425,000 hours of free legal assistance to various groups and individuals during the last academic year. The pro-bono work was done through the school’s in-house clinics, externships by students and other programs run by Cooley faculty.

“Cooley students are immersed in a hands-on legal education. Through their service in our more than 30 pro-bono programs, our students provided free legal assistance to the underserved for no academic credit, and undertook actual legal work under the supervision of attorneys,” said Amy Timmer, associate dean of students and professionalism at Cooley, in a statement.

“Cooley students worked more than 23,000 hours beyond what was required for academic credit. This is a great testament to our faculty and the examples set by them, and to the opportunities that Cooley students receive,” she added.

Timmer noted that had the free legal services faculty and students performed been billed at $150 per hour, the pro-bono work would have had a monetary value of $60 million.

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