Couple plans brewery


Kayleigh Lohse, left, and Jake Lohse. Courtesy Presidential Brewing Co.

A husband-and-wife team is tapping into a new brewery experience in the region.

Jake Lohse and Kayleigh Lohse recently secured the site of what will be Presidential Brewing Co. in Portage, at 8302 Portage Rd., and they plan to meet with the city later this week for a special land-use permit.

Jake Lohse said the 4,800-square-foot building has a lot of work ahead of it before it is ready to serve guests, but the couple plans to open in late October or early November.

“We’re just excited to get things going here,” Lohse said. “This brewery is the product of our whole community, and we’re excited to have a place to bring people together.”

The interior will seat between 110 to 120 people. Lohse said he would also like to have a beer garden open by spring 2019.

Going with the presidential theme, pub patrons will be able to vote from a number of recipes to decide what will be the next beer on tap.

Beers will also be named after various presidents. The Oatbama oatmeal stout was the first name Lohse and his brothers came up with as a joke. But after a few Oatbamas, Lohse said the joke quickly evolved into an entire list of president-themed brews, including Grill Clinton, Lincoln Lager and Thomas Heferson.

“I have a few recipes for a beer called Fake Brews,” Lohse said. “It gives you something tied to a president. We’re going to have a primary election, and you vote on the recipe and that will become Fake Brews.”

Lohse said the brewery will stick to its base recipes for IPAs, stouts and hefeweizens as it gets started.

“We’re going to avoid sours and barrel-aging for a little while,” Lohse said. “We’re trying to tackle things one at a time.”

The kitchen will serve his special pizza made with spent grain from the brewing process.

Presidential Brewing Co. plans to hire about 10 part-time employees as opening day draws closer. Lohse said they will need service staff, bartenders and line cooks.

The Lohses are in the bidding process for a general contractor.

Financing is being provided by Huntington.

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