Courts employ robotic greeter


Courtesy Ottawa County

Hello, my name is CORA.

The 20th Circuit Court and the 58th District Court in Ottawa County have announced CORA, a court-operated robotic assistant, will greet individuals who arrive at the Grand Haven Courthouse.

The prototype greeter is the first of its kind in the country, according to court officials.

CORA will be able to direct visitors around the courthouse, allow visitors to search the courts’ dockets, provide biographical information about the judges and referees, answer frequently asked questions, take selfies — and dance. CORA also is bilingual, with English and Spanish language capabilities.

The courts collaborated with Advanced Robot Solutions to design the first courthouse greeter. Advanced Robot Solutions previously has developed robots for airports, hospitals and trade shows.

The robot also was named after Ottawa County’s first female Probate Court judge, Hon. Cora VandeWater, who served Ottawa County from 1933-1948. The name was chosen after a courthouse employee vote.

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