Craft beer bar and store opening downtown


Craft Beer Cellar is a franchise where owners are "interested in amazing beer from small breweries and all that comes with it." Photo via

A new beer retailer and bar is opening downtown.

Craft Beer Cellar Grand Rapids, at 404 Ionia Ave. SW, is set to open on Saturday with a grand-opening celebration.

The day will include beer tastings, donuts, raffles and a live WGRD radio broadcast.

Owned by franchisees Brian Beaucher and Jessica Beeby, the store will feature a menu of 20 draft beers and an expansive walk-in cooler. Beers from the cooler can be opened at the store, with a small fee.

Beers will also be available to purchase online and can be picked up at the store, ranging from four-packs to kegs.

“Essentially, if there’s a legal way to sell beer, we’ll provide it,” Beaucher said.

The store will open with eight employees.

Customers will be able to bring in food and order from area restaurants, including from vendors at the Downtown Market, which is across the street from the store.

Craft Beer Cellar first opened in Belmont, Massachusetts in 2010 and now has 30 stores across the nation. 

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