Craft spirits maker re-designs packaging


A bottle of Zeppelin Bend whiskey, left, and Beer Barrel Bourbon. Courtesy New Holland Spirits

A West Michigan distillery is rolling out new packaging for its products.

New Holland Artisan Spirits, a brand by New Holland Brewing, released images and details of its new bottle design, caps and labels for its spirits, including Beer Barrel Bourbon and Knickerbocker Gin.

The new packaging begins shipping this month, and through a phased rollout, all brands will be converted by summer.

“As we enter our 12th year in the craft distilling business, we are more confident than ever in the quality of our liquid,” said Brad Kamphuis, director of distilling operations, New Holland. “It was time for the packaging to reflect our confidence and the fact that we’ve really grown up as a distillery. These brands deserve to really shine on shelves and in home bars.”

The new bottle, designed by O-I Glass, resembles the still New Holland uses to make spirits. The glass varies for clear and brown spirits and features custom embossing.

The labels are through a partnership with Flow Design, and Wind Walker Packaging Solutions brings together all the brands with a custom ink color.

The new bottles are also designed to be bar-friendly. They can fit in a bar rail and be equipped with a pourer.

“We are so proud of our distilling heritage,” said Rich Blair, director of sales and marketing for spirits, New Holland. “That’s the best part of this new packaging. We aren’t losing any of the distinctive characteristics that make our spirits special — we just wanted to place them on a canvas worthy of the liquid they represent.”

New Holland

New Holland Artisan Spirits was launched in 2005, following a trip to the Caribbean by New Holland Brewing Co-Founder and President Brett VanderKamp.

The spirits brand makes a variety of products, ranging from rum to gin to whiskey.

New Holland Brewing was founded in 1997 and is now one of the largest breweries in Michigan.

The brewery launched new packaging in early 2016.

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