CrossFit affiliate gym in Grand Rapids opens second location


The Crossfit Luminary facility on Plainfield Avenue NE will have an official grand opening within a few weeks but already is open for business. Courtesy CrossFit Luminary

The CrossFit label is spreading in Grand Rapids. 

There’s a second location for CrossFit Luminary, a Grand Rapids-based gym focused on CrossFit, a branded fitness regimen that’s grown popular across the nation in the past five years. The new 2,500-square-foot CrossFit Luminary North Facility is at 4950 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids.

“We are the first and only CrossFit affiliate gym in Grand Rapids to open a second location and offer this service to our clients,” said Michael Livingston, managing partner at CrossFit Luminary. “We are currently open for business and will be announcing our grand opening event within the next few weeks.”

CrossFit Luminary has had a challenging run since opening its doors in October 2013. The gym’s approximately 6,000-square-foot location at 610 Maryland Ave. NE in Grand Rapids burned down April 11, 2014. The gym was closed for six months before Livingston and co-owner Shane Davis decided to rebuild on the same spot. After re-opening in December 2014, the two have been working to promote the CrossFit brand in Grand Rapids.

“A luminary is an inspirational leader,” Livingston said. “We hope to use this second location to increase our brand awareness and continue to spread our unique brand of CrossFit to improve the fitness and well being of many more people in the greater Grand Rapids area.”

The Luminary brand of CrossFit focuses on functional fitness — training the body as a complete unit, Livingston said. CrossFit Luminary’s clients range from youths to seniors. As Livingston put it, “Grandma needs to safely squat in and out of her church pew with the same mechanics as a competitive athlete squats 300 pounds.”

“CrossFit has a stigma of being unsafe or inaccessible to everyday people. We’re working to make that belief a thing of the past with a clinical approach to meeting our clients’ needs and getting them on a path to true fitness and wellness,” he said.

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