Data center rises in Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids-based US Signal operates data centers across the Midwest. Courtesy US Signal

A Grand Rapids-based data network provider is building a 20,000-square-foot data center in its own backyard.

US Signal said its newest data center will be capable of expanding up to a 40,000-square-foot footprint.

The data center will allow customers to transmit and house their data.

It is expected to open in July.

“Grand Rapids is near and dear to our heart, because we’re in the local area,” said Dave Wisz, executive VP of operations at US Signal. “It’s a dense area for us, and it’s at the heart of our area in the Midwest. We needed expansion space.”

Wisz would not disclose the address of the data center.

Data centers tend to be nondescript buildings, and Wisz said for security reasons, the location, which is “a significant investment into the business,” needs to remain private.

Grand Rapids-based First Companies is the project’s contractor, and the building is designed by Ada-based Dixon Architecture.

Wisz said US Signal doesn’t have a number of jobs the Grand Rapids data center will create, but he stressed the company will hire as many employees as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

There may be a time when US Signal must augment the local data center, but the company has no plans create more data centers, Wisz said.

"Our new data center will add greater capacity to keep up with customer demand," Wisz said.

The data center will join the seven other data centers US Signal operates in the Midwest, increasing the company’s network access points for its cloud-hosting services. US Signal has created a 14,000-mile fiber optic network over 10 states in the last decade.

The always monitored Grand Rapids data center will provide customers access to multiple carriers and more than 600 point-of-presence sites, connecting to the Internet.

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