Design Briefs discusses doing ‘good’


The Grand Rapids Art Museum is the first newly constructed LEED Gold certified art museum in the world. Photo via

An event downtown this week will bring together entrepreneurs and designers focused on helping nonprofits.

"Social impact"

The Grand Rapids Art Museum and the American Institute of Graphic Artists West Michigan are hosting Design Briefs, a two-part series on entrepreneurship, design and "social impact."

The series is part of an exhibition at the GRAM this summer, "Michigan Modern: Design That Shaped America."

Design Briefs will be held Thursday at 5:30 p.m. and Aug. 21 at the GRAM.

"Michigan has a unique history of design, entrepreneurship and philanthropy, and the energy that has driven these things for decades continues to thrive here in West Michigan,” said Kate Hunt, Design for Good director, AIGA West Michigan.

Hunt added that the association hopes its collaboration with the museum on the events will give some insight into how the association’s Design for Good program — designers helping nonprofits — is, “at a higher level, an illustration of social impact through entrepreneurship.”

"We’re excited that the museum will become a space where people with creative ideas can make connections that might help make them a reality,” said Jon Carfagno, director of education, GRAM.


The event will feature a panel of local experts on product design, user experience, communications design and business strategy, leading conversations about the strategic value of design and how it impacts startups and the community.

The audience will also get to participate in a mini workshop to explore and submit discussion ideas.


Tickets to the event are $10 and $5 for AIGA and GRAM members.

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