Developer builds $20M Greek housing


A rendering of The Grand Village, a residential development for fraternities and sororities in Allendale, adjacent to GVSU. Courtesy Orion Construction

A $20 million residential village for Greek-life students is being built near a local university.

A major, multi-phase student housing project recently broke ground just down the road from Grand Valley State University.

Representatives of GVSU, Grand Villages LLC, Orion Construction, Orion Real Estate Solutions and Allendale Township arrived at 5050 Pierce Rd. in Allendale this month to begin work on Grand Villages, a three-phase project that will create a “Greek Town” setting for GVSU fraternities and sororities.

The village

Phase I of The Grand Village will be the construction of six homes — five for sororities and one for a fraternity — on the 20-acre property.

The houses will range from 9,800 square feet to 12,000 square feet and have about 14 to 17 bedrooms per house.

This construction phase is expected to cost $7.5 million and be completed before GVSU’s fall semester.

ORES in Grand Rapids will serve as the project’s developer, and Grand Rapids-based Orion Construction will be constructing the houses.

Johnson/Newhoff is serving as architect. Wolverine Bank is providing financing for the project.

“Grand Villages is so much more than what the initial phase represents," said Alan Hoffman, Grand Villages LLC majority partner. "We’re not only locating sorority and fraternity houses near each other, we’re helping to strategically locate specialized student groups into areas where they will be near their peers and affiliations. 

“This concept offers a variety of benefits to the students, the programs they are engaged in and to the university. So, to us, indicators of a successful project would be more focus and opportunity, more campus organization and student comfort.”

Grand Villages LLC

The Pierce Road property was purchased in 2013 by Grand Villages, which is a partnership between Hoffman and Orion partners Gary Postma and John Wheeler.

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