Developing leaders through mastermind groups


When I reached out to 10 colleagues last year asking them to join my mastermind, it occurred to me I might sound a bit crazy. Join my mastermind? What is that, a group of wannabe superheroes? Not quite.

A mastermind group is organized around the concept that people can grow professionally and personally when they have the support and collective knowledge of a wider group.

Well, I must have sold the concept, because I received a strong enough response to form a group of eight leaders from various organizations in West Michigan who were willing to commit to meeting regularly to share and learn from one another.

So, the first Wednesday of every month we meet from 7:30-8:30 a.m. for coffee and mentorship. We share a passion for our community, our organizations and our own personal development. We use our time to focus on various topics (for example: talent attraction and retention), and we talk about what we’ve seen work or not work. Not only do we each pick up best practices that we can bring back to our respective employers, but we are also forming our own community around friendship and mutual purpose. Mastermind groups generally operate along the same principles: commitment, honesty and patience. And we are all of the same opinion, “If you want a big dream, you need a big community.”

I started this group with eight people, and I have recently started a second group of six. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get to 50 people? Or even 100? Imagine if more leaders were doing this — sharing and creating circles of mentors within our community. What else could we achieve?

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