Dirty Girl Mud Run slides into Grand Rapids


Dirty Girl Mud Run events invite women to run, walk or crawl past obstacles for the "muddiest" day of their lives. Photo via fb.com

Dirty Girl Mud Run is expanding into Michigan, with an event planned for Grand Rapids this summer.

Founded in 2011, Dirty Girl Mud Run has grown from five races to more than 60 events held across the country.

This year, the organization expects to draw more than 300,000 participants, including 5,000 for the Grand Rapids event.

“It’s a 5K course. It’s non-competitive. It’s for all women. It’s absolutely just a blast and a way for you to get together with your girlfriends and come together for a girls day out,” said Andrea Neukom, Dirty Girl Mud Run marketing director. “It’s about challenging yourself, but only as far as you want to go.”

Each event has between 10 and 12 mud-covered obstacles for women to overcome.

Neukom said that the obstacles are made to be challenging but also attainable, and she noted that women are free to skip any obstacles that they wish.

“The growth happens really because of our participants,” Neukom said. “So far, we’ve been pretty lucky, and it’s been primarily word of mouth. Our participants are super social, and we have a strong presence socially as well on our social platforms.”

Neukom also said a big draw for the event is that it is for women only and non-competitive.

“Dirty Girl is all about getting women together for a girls day out to challenge themselves in ways that they probably have never been challenged, crawling over and through muddy obstacles over a 5K race course,” she said.

Dirty Girl Mud Run will be held in Grand Rapids at Woodworth Farms on Aug. 24.

A Detroit event took place June 28.

Registration cost varies, depending on the date of signup. 

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