Distillery installs Tesla chargers


A Tesla re-charges in the Bier Distillery parking lot. Courtesy Bier Distillery

A distillery in the area has installed charging stations for Tesla electric vehicles.

Bier Distillery has installed four Tesla chargers at its location in Comstock Park, at 5295 West River Dr. NE.

The chargers are only compatible with Tesla vehicles.

The chargers are free Tesla drivers to use on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The number of electric cars on the road will only be increasing in the near future,” said Joel Bierling, owner, Bier Distillery. “The cars need convenient places to re-charge, and the drivers often need to re-charge as well. Why not do it in one location?"

Tesla is in the process of building out infrastructure for its vehicles and paid for the installation of the four chargers, totaling $6,000.

“(Tesla) pays for the hardware and installation for locations it considers destination locations; where people will spend some time,” Bierling said.

Bier Distillery will cover the cost of electricity usage, which will be added to its electric bill, Bierling estimates he will pay between $1.25 and $2.50 per charging visit. 

“Tesla is obviously paying for most of the cost of this, so they understandably are mostly interested in only their cars being charged,” Bierling said.

Bier Distillery

Bier Distillery produces an expanding line of grain and fruit-to-glass spirits, beer and wine.

The company sells a variety of beverages, such as Sole Cry Rye Whiskey, Devil's Message Rum, Heart Cut Vodka and more.

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