District court limits general public access

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Access to a local district court was restricted amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 62-B District Court in Kentwood is allowing no more than 10 individuals, including staff, inside the building.

The court closed to the general public except for essential functions involving health and safety and constitutional rights, per the Administrative Order 2020-2 issued by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Those essential functions include arraignments for in-custody defendants, review and determination of requests for search warrants, among others specified.

“We take the health and safety of all who utilize the court, each court staff member and the community, seriously and have taken the necessary steps,” Judge William G. Kelly said. “Our team is adjusting as quickly as possible to the crisis, and we appreciate the support of the public as we work to provide more business remotely in the coming days.”

The courts can conduct business using technology such as video and telephone conferencing.

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