DTE’s investment with Michigan firms spurs 9,800 jobs


DTE Energy recently announced it spent $2.1 billion with Michigan businesses in 2019, creating and sustaining more than 9,800 jobs across the state and exceeding the commitment it made last spring by $600 million.

“Over the past nine years, we’ve more than quadrupled our investment with in-state businesses,” said DTE Chief Procurement Officer Tony Tomczak. “Today, nearly 65 cents of every dollar we spend goes to a Michigan supplier.”

Of the $2.1 billion, DTE spent $61 million in contracts with 200 West Michigan companies, creating and sustaining 280 jobs in the region.

Hydaker-Wheatlake, based in Reed City, is a big part of DTE's work to serve natural gas customers. Hydaker does underground construction work to help DTE provide safe, reliable natural gas service for new customers in the Grand Rapids area.

The company also works on DTE’s electric system. DTE spent more than $17 million with Hydaker-Wheatlake in 2019.

Todd Blosser, president of Hydaker-Wheatlake, said the partnership with DTE has translated into increased revenue and additional jobs for the company.

“We’ve established a track record of delivering high-quality, cost-competitive services to DTE,” Blosser said. “The increased business has fueled our growth, allowing us to bring on additional workers and hire more local skilled labor for projects.”

The largest investment, according to the report, was in southeast Michigan, including Metro Detroit. DTE bought $1.6 billion worth of goods and services from 1,250 companies in the region, creating and supporting 7,570 jobs.

Nearly half of this spending – $783 million – was sourced from companies based in Detroit.

Other regional highlights include:

  • Northeast and Northwest Michigan: DTE invested $41 million with 160 companies, positively impacting 187 jobs.

  • South Michigan: Partnered with 427 companies, spending $213 million and adding or maintaining 980 jobs.

  • Central Michigan: Invested $58 million with 105 companies, creating and sustaining 267 jobs.

  • Thumb Region: Spent $104 million with 144 companies, positively impacting 480 jobs.

  • Upper Peninsula: Partnered with 47 businesses, spending nearly $13 million and generating and supporting 60 jobs.

DTE has spent $11.4 billion with Michigan-based vendors since 2010, creating or retaining 34,000 Michigan jobs.

DTE also is a founding member of Pure Michigan Business Connect, a public-private initiative that encourages companies to buy from Michigan vendors and connects local companies with in-state business opportunities. DTE requires that all new contract bids include at least two Michigan businesses.

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