Calvin launches master’s program in media and strategic communication

Courtesy Calvin University

Calvin University launched its new Master of Arts in media and strategic communication program this semester.

It is a one-year program geared toward recent college graduates and mid-career professionals looking for training to help them advance in their careers.

“We want our students to feel like professionals when they graduate,” said  Greg Braun, co-director of the media and strategic communication program.

The program covers subjects such as branding, scriptwriting and strategic  communication  in the classroom and students can apply  their skills and knowledge  in  Calvin’s new  creative media agency.

“In this agency, our students will occupy multiple roles  and gain an understanding of the many different professions in their field,” Braun said. “They’ll  learn how to  collaborate on  projects  just like those they’ll face in their careers. We want them to feel confident in  their ability to  tackle these projects,  conduct themselves in a professional way and  contribute  to their  team. Our goal is that our graduates will not only be able to create, but they also will be able to lead the creative process. That’s a wonderful space for a graduate to be in.”

Braun has decades of experience in corporate communications, such as advertising, public relations and media production, among other areas. He has worked on  brands  like  Chevrolet, Toyota, Starbucks and United Airlines.

He has  created work for the Super Bowl, the Oscars and FIFA World Cup,  and seen his work recognized by major awards  shows. Braun has served as  a judge for The One Show,  Clios, NY Festivals, London Internationals and the Emmy Awards.

“Corporations used to  provide  training for junior employees, but  most  big national companies have done away with that,” Braun said. “So  new graduates are expected to hit the ground running.  It’s  the  age-old conundrum: you need experience to be hired, but how do you get experience without being hired?”

Braun emphasized  that  creativity and production skills  are most effective in society when supported by an ethical  foundation.

“It’s not  enough to  just have the necessary  expertise,” he said. “Ethical  practice is becoming more important  than ever before. Consumers want brands that conduct  themselves  in ethical ways, and  brands  must  respond  by making ethical practices part of their deliverables. Calvin  is qualified  uniquely  to offer an ethically based program that equips and inspires students to employ those values  in their careers and the world.”

For more information or to apply to the program, visit  the Master of Arts in media and strategic communication webpage.

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