Davenport offering scholarships to General Electric employees

Davenport University Courtesy Davenport University

Davenport University is partnering with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency to offer four-year scholarships to General Electric employees.

The scholarships will be offered through the university’s veteran-friendly businesses scholarship program.

“By partnering with Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, we’re able to honor businesses that honor our veterans and remove barriers to advancement many employees face,” said Dr. Richard J. Pappas, president of Davenport University. “GE is a prime example of a company that is working with the veteran population, growing its workforce and promoting from within. It’s a way to help employers support those with proven potential.”

GE employees who qualify for the scholarships will be able to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree or pursue professional training to enhance their skills or gain industry-recognized certifications, regardless of veteran status.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this partnership with Davenport University and Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency,” said Jason Torrez, senior director of software engineering and site leader for GE’s technology center in Van Buren Township. “This program empowers our veterans to further their career and learning, and it underscores our commitment to honor their service.”

GE is the latest beneficiary of Davenport University’s veteran-friendly businesses scholarship program. The program has awarded scholarships to employees at nearly 400 veteran-friendly certified businesses and agencies across Michigan.

GE has multiple locations in Michigan, including a multibusiness digital technology center in Van Buren Township and an Avionics center in Grand Rapids. Veteran-Friendly Employers collectively employ more than 30,000 of Michigan’s 552,000 veterans.

“We believe in investing in our people, providing a space for our employees to thrive personally and professionally,” Torrez said. “This includes investing within. At GE, one of the ways we support our associates is through employee resource groups, including our Veterans Network. We work every day to support our veterans. These scholarships give our team members the boost needed to qualify for open positions within our organization and grow their skill set to keep up with changing technology.”

A complete list of gold, silver and bronze-level employers can be found here.

To receive more information or apply for the Veteran-Friendly Certified Employer Scholarship, go to Davenport’s website or contact Jason Bos at Jason.Bos@davenport.edu or (616) 742-2075.

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