GVSU expands K-12 Connect

Amirah Vosburgh. Courtesy Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University Monday, Oct. 4, expanded its tutoring program, K-12 Connect.

The free program will add Homework Help Plus and Targeted Reading Tutoring to help K-12 districts that enter into contracts with GVSU. The tutoring will be offered virtually and in person.

Homework Help Plus matches GVSU tutors with K-12 students to provide support for specific needs of each school. Targeted Reading Tutoring provides K-8 students with skill-based reading instruction in one-on-one learning environments day and night.

K-12 Connect began in March 2020 to assist K-12 students who would suffer learning loss due to the pandemic. The programs are open to all district schools, charter schools, private schools and community-based organizations.

“Volunteer tutors, primarily Grand Valley students, connect with K-12 students who have provided online their grade level and the subject where they need support, said Amirah Vosburgh, project lead for K-12 Connect. “The program resonated quickly with students and educators. Over the last year, more than 2,400 K-12 students participated in more than 15,000 tutoring sessions.”

Grand Valley State University will continue to adjust the program with the help of community feedback.

“We’re really looking for community input and feedback as we continue to evolve and grow a program that supports students who need it most,” Vosburgh said.

“Leaders foresee working with the entire community, offering training to parents, older siblings and child care workers to support kids’ reading growth,” said Steven Hodas, executive director of the GV NextEd Accelerator, which houses K-12 Connect. “The goal is to improve people’s lives. How do we develop programs that best fill needs?”

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