Van Andel Education Institute to offer workshops for teachers

Photo by iStock

The Van Andel Education Institute launched its Return-to-Learn initiative to help K-12 teachers navigate the 2020-21 school year.

The initiative will offer three virtual workshops that will provide teachers with tech tips for distance learning, explain to teachers how to foster student engagement and how to equip their students with social emotional learning (SEL) skills for the 2020-21 school year.

The first workshop, scheduled for Sept. 23, will show teachers how to teach in a remote learning environment and offer strategies for organization, management, communication and connection. Teachers also will learn about the best practices for hi-tech, low-tech or no-tech classrooms with help from experienced educators.

On Oct. 7, the second workshop will teach educators about practical strategies and tools that will keep students engaged in a remote learning setting.

The last workshop, on Oct. 21, will be focused on helping teachers discover classroom-tested strategies for improving SEL skills in conjunction with content-area instruction.

Teachers can learn more about the Return-to-Learn Teacher Support Series, including workshop costs and times.

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