Elaine Meyers cleans path to growth


Elaine Meyers.

Editor’s note: Each issue of the Influential Women enewsletter will feature a profile of one of the Business Journal’s reigning Top Women Owned Businesses finalists. The profile first appeared in the event program.

Elaine Meyers is a woman of strong faith. But that faith was tested severely in 2012, a year of the highest highs and the lowest lows.

“I think the one achievement that stands out is that in 2012 we will for the first time hit $1 million in total revenue,” Meyers said. “This was a financial goal that I have strived for the last several years, but with the weak economy in recent years, I was not convinced that we would achieve that goal before my retirement.

“However, this financial accomplishment was coupled with the most personally challenging and difficult time of my adult life: the death of my husband, Bob.”

Bob Meyers died of lung cancer just 43 days after his diagnosis, which caused Elaine to think about the business and the role it played in their lives.

“I reflected on the reason that I started this business in 1984, which was to provide supplemental income in our household to pay for Christian education for our children," Meyers said. "In the beginning, it was a one-person operation — just me — with two small cleaning accounts totaling $2,100 in revenue in the first year. It has grown through the years, now employing 70 individuals, with the possibility of adding several more. We have enjoyed 28 successive years of revenue growth.”

On the wall in Meyers’ office hangs a sign that says, “Excellence: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” That sounds like a pretty good business plan.

Meyers Cleaning Service in Jenison was nominated as a Top Women Owned Business in the $1.49 million and under annual revenue category.

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