Employee recognition company launching wellness program


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A local employee recognition company is rolling out a cloud-based wellness program developed in partnership with a Chicago firm.

Grand Rapids-based Terryberry said it is launching Terryberry Wellness at this week’s 2018 Society of Human Resources Management Conference in Chicago, which runs June 17-20.

The program was developed “in conjunction with” Chicago-based WellRight and will be housed on Terryberry’s existing 360 Recognition Platform as its sole daily wellness initiative.

Terryberry Wellness uses social encouragement and rewards for healthy behaviors to incentivize wellness education and increased activity levels.

“Terryberry helps organizations build workplace cultures that foster their most valued attitudes, behaviors and contributions,” said Mike Byam, managing partner, Terryberry. “For most businesses, healthy lifestyle choices are among those desired behaviors.”

Byam said Terryberry has been running walking challenges the past few years for its clients and allowing them to create their own wellness plans they can feed into the 360 Recognition Platform, allowing employees to earn points and rewards.

The new platform will offer a more comprehensive alternative, he said.

“The partnership with WellRight helps Terryberry provide our clients with an integrated solution for health assessment, education and challenges, plus communication, incentives and rewards, all within our 360 Recognition hub,” Byam said.

The challenges are customized to each user’s biometric data to help them decide which of several time-based challenges to tackle, such as eating more fruits and vegetables or doing certain types of activities.

Completion of challenges will accrue points that, over time, will allow employees to earn rewards, such as a quesadilla maker, kayak, Heuer wristwatch and more,.

Tad Mitchell, president and CEO of WellRight, said his company develops software programs meant to help employees become “their best selves.”

“When employees are feeling well physically, emotionally and have a purpose, they are more focused, energetic and ready to give their best effort each day,” Mitchell said.


Founded by Herbert Terryberry in 1918, Terryberry serves more than 25,000 clients throughout North America and Europe.

It offers employee recognition programs, including the Give a WOW program and the 360 Recognition Platform.

Terryberry also manufactures award rings, pins and other recognition items.


Founded in 2013, WellRight software powers more than 200 corporate wellness programs.

WellRight’s customizable design lets clients tailor the features, so they can deliver wellness programs that are relevant to employees.

Its software includes features such as health assessments, fitness device integration, pre-built challenge libraries, health coaching, claims data analysis, biometrics and a rewards engine.

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