Entrepreneur crowdfunding mentorship program for young men


Chris Sain Jr. talks with children as part of a school presentation. Courtesy Chris Sain Jr.

A local entrepreneur is planning to offer a new mentorship program for young men from fatherless homes.

Chris Sain Jr., an entrepreneur, public speaker and author of the memoir “Dumb Athlete,” plans to launch The Chris Sain Jr. Mentoring Program for Young Men this summer.

The nonprofit venture would consist of a five-day Summer Leadership Institute and day-long Empowerment Weekends, both of which would focus on technology and economic empowerment.

Sain recently kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise the initial $10,000 needed to operate the mentoring program.

Summer Leadership Institute

The Summer Leadership Institute would be a five-day program designed for a minimum of 25 young men between the ages of 14-18 who are primarily raised in female-headed single-parent households.

The cohort model would consist of activities and discussions around various topics: financial literacy, manhood, investing, education, social injustice, technology, stocks, social media, peer pressure, equity and diversity.

The young men would meet daily from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. They would hear from speakers from various industries and have the chance to cultivate relationships with community leaders, business owners, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, celebrities and professional athletes.

At the conclusion of the week-long program, the young men would participate in a graduation ceremony geared toward celebrating their success and preparing them for their future.

Sain said the plan is for a local college to serve as the location for the Summer Leadership Institute.

Empowerment Weekend

The Empowerment Weekend would be a one-day event designed for boys and young men ages eight to 18 who are primarily from female-headed single-parent households.

The Empowerment Weekend would take place at 3 Mile Project in Walker.

The purpose would be to share and teach the principles of manhood and wealth-building through financial education, technology and team-building activities.

The Empowerment Weekend would help young men realize their potential and envision a future where they’re owners and shareholders and physically and emotionally equipped to be responsible and productive young men.

The Empowerment Weekend would include a host of workshops that focus on financial literacy, stocks, investing, personal responsibility and the importance of creating wealth.

The participants would be introduced to positive male role models, who are leaders in various areas, including business, their communities, athletics and law enforcement.

Registered dietitians would also talk with the young men about the importance of nutrition, healthy eating, fitness and healthy living.


Sain, who speaks to students across the country, said he wants to introduce young men to “purpose” with the mentorship program.

“The youth in my community are special,” he said. “Many are fatherless, some need guidance and others need direction. Because they are special, I wanted to do something special for them and that is why I created this initiative. I wanted to restore hope, birth vision and let them know it’s okay to dream again.”

Sain said in particular, he wants to teach them how to be “owners and how to be shareholders.”

“It is important for me to teach youth about stocks and investing and the importance financial education, ownership and being a shareholder of stocks from brands they know and love,” he said.

“It is a way to help build future wealth, economic stability and lift kids out of a life of poverty. By starting them early, they have the potential to be future millionaires, build generational wealth for themselves and their families.”

Sain wants to turn 10,000 youth into public company shareholders.

He’s reaching out to public companies for support, asking them to donate single shares to the program, which the students can purchase using money raised from the crowdfunding campaign.

“All 25 students will own at least one share of stock at the end of the one-week program,” he said.

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