Entrepreneur dials into wireless franchise


Molly Martin. Courtesy Wireless Zone

At 24, Molly Martin’s career is rising almost as fast as the wireless network her business sells.

Martin owns and runs a growing group of wireless stores in the region.

Third location

Martin is the franchisee of three Wireless Zones, which she said is the nation’s largest independent Verizon Wireless franchise.

Two of her stores opened last year in Fremont and Whitehall, and now she's opening a third location, Wireless Zone of Grandville, in the form of a kiosk at RiverTown Crossings mall.

The kiosk is about 10 x 14 square feet and will employ about two employees and hopefully be up and running by mid November, just before Black Friday.

The franchise “used to have a different owner running a kiosk in that mall,” Martin said.

“In March, it closed down, because they were going through changes,” she said. “I had thought about it at that time, but I had no time to spend in Whitehall if I was going to do Grandville right away. And since they haven’t had one since March, I needed to do it right away.”

Road to franchising

Martin started working at Mid Michigan Cellular in Greenville when she was 15 as part of an after-school internship. When she was 16, she was made a sales person. When she was 20, she was made the sales manager. And when she was 22, she became the division manager.

In late 2012, the same year she made division manager, the Greenville store closed, and Martin, financially backed by her dad, bought into the franchise.

“Since the Greenville store was closing, I decided this was the best time and opportunity I had to start my own business,” she said.

“I started my LLC in February (of 2013), and by March, I was in training. My store in Fremont opened on May 2, and on May 22, I gave birth to my daughter Kendall. It got a little crazy.

“I most definitely thrive off the energy. I feel like that’s how my life is. I love to be sporadic and do different things differently.”

"In my blood"

Martin, who won Wireless Zone’s 2013 Rookie of the Year award, lives in Greenville and travels almost every day to her stores.

She “loves everything about wireless” and hopes to keep building the business and her dream.

“I think it’s in my blood,” Martin said. “I come from a long background and history of entrepreneurs in my family, and I just want to carry on the success of it. I’ve always loved business and sales and everything about it.

“I just want to make sure I set a good business frame and environment. One day, I hope my daughter takes over my business.”

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