Experience Grand Rapids’ Pure Michigan campaign attracts $101.5M impact


Downtown Grand Rapids hotels contribute greatly to the area's economy. iStockphoto.com

Experience Grand Rapids’ partnership with Pure Michigan in 2012 attracted 381,100 visits to the area, generating a $101.5 million impact on the local economy, according to a report released by tourism research firm Longwoods International.

Experience Grand Rapids reports that it invested $250,000 in a $500,000 Pure Michigan marketing campaign last year.

Midwest reach

The campaign included TV and radio spots that aired in Chicago, South Bend, Toledo, Traverse City and Lansing, along with home page placement on the state of Michigan’s official travel website, michigan.org.

“The impact of increasing awareness of our destination expands beyond the tourism industry,” said Doug Small, president of Experience Grand Rapids. “An increase in positive awareness makes Grand Rapids more attractive for business investments, college enrollments and a city where residents want to live and work.”

Grand Rapids on national TV

This year, Experience Grand Rapids is doubling its investment with Pure Michigan to become one of five national partners in the state.

The partnership will include the launch of Grand Rapids’ first ever national Pure Michigan television commercial — set to air on major cable networks in June.

The Pure Michigan campaign reportedly brought in a total of $1.1 billion in visitor spending during 2012 across the state and attracted 3.8 million out-of-state visitors, according to Longwoods International.

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