Feds settle suit over encounter with immigration agents


The federal government has agreed to settle a lawsuit by a Hispanic familiy over an encounter with immigration agents.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Miles, Jr. in Grand Rapids said Friday that the $50,000 payout is a "small fraction" of the amount originally sought by a Hispanic woman, Telma Valdez, and her son, Luis, in Grand Rapids for alleged abuse by immigration agents.

Luis Valdez is a U.S. citizen, and Telma Valdez is a permanent resident.

They said agents drew guns, handcuffed them and interrogated them when they arrived in a car to see a relative's dog in 2011.

Many of the allegations were disputed.

A judge in November ruled in favor of the government and dismissed Luis Valdez' claims, leaving only some by his mother.

Miriam Aukerman, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, said "justice and equality prevailed" in the settlement.

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