Field-measurement startup partners with Caterpillar


Modustri in Grand Rapids is a maker of measurement and data-collection software and hardware for the field. Courtesy Modustri

A startup is teaming up with Caterpillar to develop technology that will allow for better heavy equipment fleet management by recognizing wear and tear on parts earlier.

Grand Rapids-based Modustri, a maker of a measurement and data-collection software and hardware for the field, said today that it has entered into a “strategic alliance” with construction equipment maker Caterpillar in Peoria, Ill. to “develop innovations that enhance Cat customers' abilities to measure wear on parts.”

The goal is to develop technologies that will help customers optimize their fleets more effectively.

Web and mobile measurement

In the coming months, Caterpillar will collaborate with Modustri and the Cat dealer network to create the latest Cat equipment wear-management technologies through web and mobile platforms, which will be available for customers.

The companies plan to deliver simplified processes that provide customers with accurate and immediate access to useful real-time data while still in the field.

The companies said the technology could save customers “hundreds of hours and millions of dollars” by proactively helping Cat dealers and customers better measure wear rates and manage wear parts replacements, including those from other suppliers.

“We can see groundbreaking hardware and software that can help dealers interact with customers, build trust and plan ahead for maintenance and parts replacements," said Brian Steketee, founder and CEO, Modustri.

Caterpillar’s "emerging technologies" focus

Doug Hoerr, VP of the Reman, Components and Work Tools division at Caterpillar, said Caterpillar’s parts monitoring and management tool has been "a leader in the equipment management industry for 75 years,” but he noted there is always room for improvement.

“Modustri will allow us to take advantage of emerging technology that gives our customers more information on parts and components to maximize uptime,” Hoerr said. “The days of being reactive are over.”

Caterpillar recently created an Analytics & Innovation division to focus on emerging technologies.

Greg Folley, VP of the Analytics & Innovation division at Caterpillar, said emerging technologies are “changing the way we can help customers maintain a competitive advantage and achieve new levels of equipment productivity and profitability.”

Folley added that the strategic alliance with Modustri “will be key in making this happen.”

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