Fitness club and sports academy form partnership


Sluggers Sports Academy is a baseball and softball training facility in Kentwood. Photo via

A fitness club and sports academy have partnered to expand their services to members.

Sluggers Sports Academy in Kentwood and Fitness and Sports Performance in Grand Rapids, or FSP, said last week that they’re working together to bring a “new dynamic to athletic and fitness training.”


The partnership will allow Fitness and Sports Performance to offer its members a second location. In return, Sluggers Sports Academy will work with FSP trainers to help run fitness sessions and camps.

“We both have the mission of empowering people within our community,” said Tiffany Grubaugh, owner, Fitness and Sports Performance. “We believe in the power small businesses have on impacting our community. We are thrilled to collaborate.”

Sluggers Sports Academy Co-Founder Wesley Trimpe said the partnership will allow for “an enriched atmosphere.”

“Combine a conducive space to accommodate a high level of technical training with Tiffany’s team and you have a really progressive training model,” Trimpe said.


Fitness and Sports Performance offers training for various clients, ranging from stay-at-home moms to professional athletes.

The training regimes are meant to improve members' physical makeup, health and wellness, as well as their functionality, self-confidence, knowledge and overall performance.

Sluggers Sports Academy

As a baseball and softball training facility, Sluggers Sports Academy set out to find a balance between training young athletes for sports success and life training.

Founders David Coble and Trimpe recently expanded their facility to an 8,200-square-foot indoor turf facility, which helps cater to teams and organizations.

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