Food distributor develops transparency tool for online orders


Courtesy Gordon Food Service

A local food distributor has rolled out a program aimed at boosting product transparency in its online ordering system.

Wyoming-based Gordon Food Service said this week it introduced Clear Choice, an online labeling system aimed at helping buyers know what is in the food they purchase, how it is processed or made and whether the products are sustainable.

“With Clear Choice, we’re expanding our customers’ awareness and access to healthful and sustainable products,” said Rich Wolowski, president and CEO, Gordon Food Service. “With a growing portfolio of thousands of products already in the program, we’re making it simple for customers to identify and purchase items that have the attributes they care about.”

Mark Eriks, chief supply chain officer for Gordon Food Service, said the company is partnering with suppliers to make the program happen.

“Our suppliers are experiencing the same demand for transparency that we are, and they’re eager to work with us on this program to increase visibility into the supply chain,” Eriks said.

How it works

Gordon Food Service web visitors can find a portfolio of products labeled in six categories: cleaner ingredients, specialty agriculture, animal care, sustainable seafood, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Customers can filter search results by category to show them the products that align with their values.

The filters are meant to show a range of products: responsibly and ethically sourced; with a short list of familiar, simple, minimally processed ingredients, without synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients; and/or minimize environmental impact through reduced waste.

More information about the Clear Choice program is online.

Gordon Food Service

Founded in 1897, Gordon Food Service is a family-owned company.

It serves food service operators in the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest regions of the U.S. and coast-to-coast in Canada.

It also operates more than 170 Gordon Food Service Store locations in the U.S.

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