Food maker rolls out next breakfast line

Food maker rolls out next breakfast line

Kellogg's Origins line features products such as the Apricot Cashew Coconut with Raisins & Almonds Muesli. Photo via

A West Michigan food maker has introduced a new line of breakfast items that harkens back to European tradition.

Kellogg Company’s new line, Kellogg’s Origins, is a collection of six new items including flake-based cereals, granolas and mueslis that combine natural ingredients like nuts, grains and fruits.

Origins’ muesli products mix the European staple grain with the textures of seeds and the distinct flavors of apricots and coconuts, while Origins’ cereals and granolas include a colorful blend of traditional and ancient grains with the tart and sweet tastes of cranberries and coconut.

Muesli can be served cold or hot with milk or yogurt, or even soaked overnight for a softer texture.

Kellogg said ancient grains, including quinoa and Kamut khorasan wheat, have been harvested the same way for thousands of years, although have only recently been adopted in the United States for their rich, nutty taste, hearty textures and good source of daily fiber.

Celebrity chef

To help launch the Origins line, Kellogg has enlisted the help of chef and blogger Gaby Dalkin, of "What's Gaby Cooking?”

Author of her own cookbook, Dalkin is well known for her balanced recipes and smart solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dalkin has developed recipes for warmed muesli with fruit compote made with Kellogg's Origins Muesli and hearty breakfast cookies made with Kellogg's Origins Muesli, granola and/or cereal, which will be featured on her blog.

"My cooking style is deeply rooted in my European heritage," said Dalkin. "Kellogg’s Origins combines many of the ingredients, flavors and textures I grew up loving in one spoonful.”

Kellogg's Origins products are available for a suggested retail price of $4.59 at select retailers nationwide.

Kellogg’s Origins products

Fruit & Nut Blend Cereal

Ancient Grains Blend Cereal

Raisin Apple Granola

Cranberry Almond with Pumpkin Seeds Granola

Apricot Cashew Coconut with Raisins & Almonds Muesli

Raisin Apricot Cranberry with Pumpkin Seeds Muesli

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