Garage Bar & Grill hosting open interviews for new Ada location

Courtesy Garage Bar & Grill

Garage Bar & Grill is looking to hire 47 employees to staff its new Ada location.

Four months after Third Coast Development and Garage Bar & Grill owner and operator Kevin Farhat announced plans to open a Garage Bar & Grill in Ada, the team is now ready to staff the establishment. To help expedite the process, Garage Bar & Grill will host open interviews from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. every Saturday in October at the new location, at 518 Ada Drive.

Farhat and executive chef and general manager Joe Peebles will interview the applicants and potentially hire them on the spot or by the end of October.

Garage Bar & Grill is looking for hospitality-minded people to help Garage “run a good party” as its slogan says. Farhat is looking to hire part-time and full-time staff, including dishwashers, cooks, servers, bartenders and other front-of-house staff. Wages for some positions will start at $15 per hour. Once hired, staff will receive training at the Ottawa Avenue location before starting at the Ada location.

“We take pride in running a good party, and the main ingredients are delicious, never-frozen food, tasty drinks, great prices and amazing customer service,” Farhat said. “We take pride in hiring some great people that want to give each customer a great experience at Garage Bar & Grill, so we’re hopeful there are some cool food service pros around the region that are ready to take the party to Ada.”

Peebles, who Farhat brought on in July to overhaul the menu and manage the Ada location, said he is eager to open the new location with great staff.

“The new Garage Bar & Grill location will be very inviting to visitors who are looking for a fun atmosphere, great food and drinks, and a comfortable vibe,” Peebles said. “We would love to staff the new location with people that know how to provide that experience. We offer a high-volume environment, but we try to be low volume on drama.”

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