Herbruck’s launches new fertilizer line

All Season Fertilizer or Spring Boost can be used on residential lawns, while Organic Vegetable Fertilizer can be used for home-grown vegetables. Courtesy Herbruck's Poultry Ranch

Green Meadow Organics, a division of Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, is offering a new line of organic fertilizers at retailers.

All Season Fertilizer or Spring Boost can be used on residential lawns. Green Meadow Organics also produces Organic Vegetable Fertilizer, which can be used for home-grown vegetables. The hens raised at Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch are fed an organic vegetable-based diet that provide the natural base for the fertilizer.

“We’re excited to offer our organic and sustainably produced fertilizer products to retail customers so they can be assured that the home-grown produce they feed their families is as healthy and nutrient-rich as possible, and their landscape and lawns are green and well taken care of,” said Ric Herrera, vice president of marketing at Herbruck’s. “As a business, we pride ourselves on producing healthy and sustainable products for all, direct from our farm to your home.”

Previously, the fertilizers were only available in bulk to farmers. According to the 2020 Organic Industry Survey released by the Organic Trade Association, U.S. organic food sales hit $50.1 billion last year.

More information, including a growing list of retailers offering the product, can be found on the Herbruck’s website.

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