Ford airport booking new destination


A Midwest Express jet. Courtesy Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is adding another destination.

Starting by the end of the year, Milwaukee-based Midwest Express will offer non-stop service from Grand Rapids to Mitchell International Airport, or MKE, in Milwaukee.

Grand Rapids is among the first three destinations from Milwaukee for the newly re-launched Midwest Express.

“The drive from West Michigan to Milwaukee is not an easy one around the lake, and what could take up to six hours in a car will now be a convenient 40-minute flight, thanks to the re-launch of Midwest Express and the service they will offer between Grand Rapids and Milwaukee,” said Brian Picardat, interim president and CEO, Ford airport.

Midwest Express is in the process of establishing its flight booking system and will be hiring key staff positions, the company said.

Elite Airways is partnering to provide Midwest Express-branded aircraft and handle flight operations. Elite Airways will also support Midwest Express’ efforts to pursue the regulatory and operational requirements necessary to obtain its own airline operating certificate and aircraft.

The branded aircraft will be revealed this afternoon at Ford airport. Midwest Express' chocolate chip cookies will be baked on board all of its flights.

“Today is a monumental day in our efforts to return Midwest Express to the air, and we are excited to serve the Milwaukee-Grand Rapids route, which has been in demand for some time,” said Greg Aretakis, president, Midwest Express.

“We received input from many local businesses regarding their travel needs, and this feedback factored into our choice of initial destinations.”

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