Ford airport moves step closer to $9.6M Concourse B expansion


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Construction upgrades to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport’s Concourse B are moving closer to a start date.

An $8.2 million construction contract with The Christman Company out of Lansing and a $1.4-million contract with Architectural Alliance, a Minneapolis company that did the initial design, for the next phase of the project have been approved by an airport committee.

The airport board is scheduled to vote on both contracts May 29.

The Concourse B project involves a range of work: the addition of two gates, two holding areas for waiting passengers, two loading bridges and the widening of the portion of the concourse that was not widened during a previous project and improvements to retail and food and beverage options, including the addition of the Great Lakes Tap Room.

Federal funds

The majority of the project's cost will be covered by the federal government. Brian Ryks, airport executive director, said that $6.1 million of the construction contract will be federally funded.

The project is part of several updates the airport plans to undergo in the coming years to help modernize it to the standards of today’s passengers and security requirements.

Charging stations

In addition to the Concourse B construction, the airport also will add charging stations to the seating areas of both concourses.

Each station will allow for eight device plug-ins.

The stations will be completed in areas that are not under construction by the end of this year — and in the portion of the airport undergoing construction, they will be introduced with the completion of that construction.

Forty-six charging stations are being purchased at a cost of $69,421. That number does not reflect the installation fee.

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