Ford museum exhibits ‘9/11 Never Forget’


A sculpture of a running firefighter is part of the mobile exhibit “9/11 Never Forget.” Photo via

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum is hosting a special 9/11 exhibit this week.

The mobile “9/11 Never Forget” exhibit will call Grand Rapids home, beginning today through Thursday.

The truck-based exhibit is driven by two New York City Fire Department battalion chiefs who were at the Twin Towers.

Upon arriving in town, the exhibit will be escorted downtown by the Grand Rapids Police, The Patriot Guard and the Rolling Thunder motorcyclists.

“It’s an honor to escort the exhibit to the museum and to lead the West Michigan community along the way,” GRPD Lieutenant Michael Maycroft said. “We’re fortunate to have this exhibit on 9/11, and we’d love to share this experience with others in the community.”

The community is invited to gather at the Ford museum today to greet the exhibit's arrival at 5:30 p.m.

The exhibit

Once the 1,100-square-foot trailer is parked, visitors can see interactive items and tower artifacts, as well as hear first-responder radio transmissions and watch documentary video segments.

Thirteen years following the attacks, the trailer is designed to be an educational tool to the large portion of the population that wasn’t born yet or was too young to remember.

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