Foundation gives hospital $650K for equipment


Allegan General Hospital, which opened in 1940, provides a range of health care services: emergency, surgery, bariatrics, physical rehabilitation, sleep center, mental health and more. Photo via

A hospital in the region received $650,000 from a foundation to purchase a new piece of medical equipment.

Allegan General Hospital in Allegan received the check today from the Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation for the purchase of a new CT scanner.

The Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation is a private, nonprofit wholly funded by Dublin-based Perrigo, which operates its North American base in Allegan.

The CT scanner, or computed tomography scanner, will replace Allegan General Hospital’s outdated CT scanner.

A CT scanner produces multiple cross-sectional images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels, according to the foundation. It provides greater detail than traditional x-rays, particularly soft tissues and blood vessels.

With a CT scanner, radiologists can more easily diagnose problems, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, appendicitis, trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

“Nothing is more important to us than providing much-needed funds that help support health care initiatives that affect our own employees,” said John Hendrickson, CEO, Perrigo. “We are delighted that we can serve an essential role in bringing vital services to southwest Michigan.”

Decreasing scan times

Jenifer Garcia, executive director of Allegan General Hospital Foundation, said the hospital has been using a GE Lightspeed 16 slice CT. The machine will be replaced with a GE Revolution 64 slice CT scanner.

“The new CT scanner will provide advancements in speed, image resolution and processing power,” Garcia said. “To put that into perspective, the current scan time is approximately one to three minutes. The new equipment will provide the same scan in 10 seconds.”

The new scanner will also improve wait times for radiologists.

Radiologists currently have to wait for about 45 to 60 minutes for an image to be processed and ready for review. The new scanner will reduce the timeframe to within 10 minutes.

The new machine is also equipped with more detectors, which allow for thinner “slices,” providing significantly higher-resolution images.

“The new CT scanner will significantly enhance the quality of care for our patients,” said Jerry Barbini, president and CEO, Allegan General Hospital. “This gift will impact more than 3,000 patients every year.”

Giving history

The Perrigo foundation has provided financial support for a number of Allegan General Hospital initiatives over the years, including helping to establish the hospital’s new Cancer Care and Infusion Center.

Garcia said today’s gift marks the largest gift Allegan General Hospital has received from the Perrigo foundation and the largest gift the foundation has given to an organization.

In recognition of the foundation’s “transformational gifts,” Allegan General Hospital announced it will be naming its radiology department the Perrigo Imaging Center in the foundation’s honor.

The hospital will host an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony this winter to unveil the new CT scanner and for the naming recognition.

Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation

The Perrigo foundation distributes more than $2 million annually through grants and scholarships to nonprofits that enhance the health, well-being and education of individuals and families in communities that Perrigo serves.

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