Foundation launches mentoring program

Foundation launches mentoring program

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A local foundation that works to develop leadership skills in students has launched a new initiative.

The Michael Sadler Foundation, based in Grand Rapids, is in the trial phase of a mentorship program called GameChang3rs.

Developed by six educators from Forest Hills Public Schools, the program consists of student ambassadors mentoring younger students for two years.

The program is designed to give students tools that will help them “develop strong character, make good choices and become socially and emotionally engaged.”

It is being tested at Forest Hills Northern, and the final program will be implemented in the whole district this September, according to Karen Sadler, board chair of the foundation.

More than 20 high school student ambassadors were trained to deliver state benchmark curricula to students in grades two, four, six and eight.

Each team of two to three ambassadors is responsible for teaching and mentoring about 60-80 students, depending on grade and class sizes.

Once the program is polished, Sadler said it may be expanded to the districts in West Michigan and the Lansing area that have expressed interest.

Michael Sadler Foundation

The Michael Sadler Foundation was founded to honor Michael Sadler, an MSU punter, scholar and graduate who was killed in a car crash in 2016.

The foundation focuses on building students’ character, compassion and social-emotional awareness by offering K-12 curricula, sports programs, scholar-athlete awards and scholarships.

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